Thursday, May 10, 2018

Today, I am taking you all to one of the most beautiful islands of Hawaii – Maui. This island is supposed to be a good mix of all that Hawaii has to offer – hikes and volcanoes, food and culture, parties, and of course romantic beaches! Today’s article is going to be a 5-day-itinerary of Maui. But before we proceed, do consider subscribing to my Youtube channel, because I intend to release a lot of detailed travel guides and vlogs as well, in the next few weeks!

Day 1
1.     First things first, Pick up your rental car from the airport. This will save you a lot of time and hassle in the next few days. Use this day to, explore the area around your hotel, because every inch of Maui is gorgeous! In our case, we explored the beautiful property we were staying in, The Wailea Resort by Marriott, and had dinner while watching the sun go down!

Day 2
2.     The next morning, drive all the upto Haleakala, which is a dormant volcano. The roads are well made, but is steep with a lot of S curves! Needless to say drive slow and safe! Many people come to the peak in dawn to watch sunrise. I am sure it must be gorgeous, but we took a relaxed drive later in the day to avoid crowd and to be able to drive in day light. and found the peak almost to ourselves! But beware, while its beautiful, its also pretty windy and cold up there!
3.     In the evening, plan to attend a Hawaiian style party or as the locals call it, Luau, which is a fun filled casual gathering of people full of good local food, drinks, and a lot of dancing! Did you know, every Friday the county of Maui sponsors a free party in different towns across the island? There is no admission fee, lots of dancing and live entertainment, and of course overflowing with local food and drinks for purchase! Hawaiians sure know how to party, don’t they!

      Day 3
4.     Well, I sure hope you did not let the party get better of you, because today we are about to take the most celebrated road in Maui – the Road to Hana. It is a really narrow road barely allowing two-way traffic and has over 600 hairpin turns. You will hardly be able to drive over 20 MPH throughout the day, and it might seem never-ending, but guess what! Every half an hour your are in for a delight ful surprise – it could be water falls, lush greenery, stunning views of the ocean or a black sand beach! Well, it never was about the destination as much as it is about the journey, was it!
5.      When you see this sign, treat yourself for the achievement with some shaved ice and freshly made banana bread! Make sure to Return back by sunset because there is no artificial light on this road, and enjoy the sun go down with a drink or two.
      Day 4
6.     On day 4, lets checkout the town life and the Hawaiian culture. The front street in Lahaina is a beautiful water front shopping street lined with shops and bars and the cutest bakeries. Sit by and enjoy an ice cream here while taking in the views of the blue water. Checkout the art stores around, and sit under the most iconic landmark, the Banyan tree, whose roots evidently pan 3.5 acres! Well, you have to see it to believe it!
7.       In the evening, head over to Paia town. Another little town tucked in one of the beautiful corners of Maui. This place is full of cafes and eateries, and some shopping boutiques along the lane. The Paia Bay Coffee with its quirky d├ęcor and relaxed vibe is a definite not-to-miss!
      Day 5
8.     Day 5 is really upto you to decide how you want to spend it. I would recommend beach hopping – some of the popular ones are Wailea and the Kapalua bay. You could snorkel, or even go for a Whale watching if it is season.
9.     We however, started this day by taking a morning walk along the Wailea Beach Path, a 1.5 mile path by the ocean, soaking in the beauty of the blue water, watching the health freaks jog and doing some Yoga by the bay. Later, we even took a Ukulele lesson, and just spent the day lazying at the beach and the pool…

I definitely want to go back to Hawaii some day to checkout the other islands, but if you like this video, hit the like button and subscribe. The subsequent videos and articles with be detailed vlog and travel tips. Till the next video, Aloha!

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