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The Girl Boss Series - How to Make Work-Wear Fun (Indian Wear Edition)

I still remember the first time I went shopping for formal clothes, just before joining my first job – it was traumatic to say the least!! A small bit of information about me might help in getting some context here – a part of me loves fashion and experimenting with styles, and the other part loves to stay indoors in Pajamas. So, while I end up buying lots of trendy stuff, I find very few occasions to flaunt my style to the world. After all, what is the point of dressing up if there is no one around to throw a few compliments?

As a result, shopping for college was something I always looked forward to – thankfully we did not have too many restrictions where I went for my undergraduation! But then it got over, and it was officially time to grow up. By that I mean buy proper formal clothes – striped shirts and blazers, along with non-body hugging trousers. Yes, if I was experimental, I could think of buying an office dress, or a black skater skirt. But that was pretty much where my mind would tell me to pause. Partly because I preferred to stick to the safer options when in doubt, but also because I was unaware of the various experiments I could be doing with some of the simple pieces from my wardrobe.

This was till I started traveling for work, and I started noticing others – there are so many fun styles to make your work wear fun, yet not over-the-top to grab unnecessary eyeballs. Has especially become easier now, that so many international brands such as H&M and Forever21 have made work-style affordable for all of us. And let us face it, when it comes to work-style, we ladies DO have a little more leeway compared to men.

In this part of the Girl Boss series, I talk about my journey from unexciting black, blue and striped office clothes to some unconventional and fun work styles! Dressing up for work has never been more fun! The best part is, there is so much of mixing and matching that can be done with a few key pieces. And you thought, that is only for Indian wears?

Needless to say, all work styles cannot be combined into a single post. I doubt anyone will be able to go through the entire long post in a day. Hence, I will divide it by wardrobe essentials. The first part is going to be about my favorite kind of attire to wear to office – the Indian Wear!

Indian Wear is my Favorite Type of Work Style

The Indian Wear

Fun Office Attire - Indian Outfit

Best part of working in India? We can wear Indian Suits to office. Wearing Indian attire is not just fun, but also so comfortable. You hardly have to worry when bending down to pick up the pen, or your skirt rising up too high when you sit in a meeting, or for that matter battling the crowd during your commute to office.

1.     No Need to think twice when playing with Colors – Who said we cannot flash some bright colors at work! And the safest bet is to opt for an Indian attire. From mustard to pink, from rainbow print to florals, nobody is likely to question you if it is on a Kurta. The other good thing? You can also re-cycle those Kurtas for a casual day, by wearing it as a dress with a belt over it – A tip for the minimalist wardrobes.

Bright Colors and Printed Pattern in Indian Outfits
2.     Accessorize doesn’t need to be subtle – If some time you get to visit the Colaba market in Mumbai to check out the rows after rows of accessories they have, please know that I own more than half of them already. So much so, that now I am waiting for a couple of months before paying that place another visit, so that I can buy some new stuff. Needless to say, I am always on a lookout for occasions to exhibit these. Can it get any better that I can wear most of these to work daily with my Indian outfits? Most times I go crazy experimenting with accessories, especially earrings – the only thing I keep in mind though, is that they don’t make too much of jingling noise.
An Indian Outfit Isn't Complete without a Chunky Pair of Earrings

3.     Make-up more than the no-make-up look – Again, being a make-up lover, Indian outfits give me so many options to play around with lip colors, and most importantly, Bindi! Bindi is by far my most favorite thing to wear – it instantly gives the face such an ethnic feel. I own Black bindi of various sizes, and stick to that color for office. Not that one cannot wear a red or stone based one to work, but it is just personal preference for me.

A Bindi for the Extra Ethnic Touch 

4.    One classic sandal that can go with all Indian Outfits – When it comes to shoes, I am slightly picky about the quality and comfort. Most times, I would own just one or two classic high quality sandals to go with Indian outfits, wear them till they are completely torn apart, and wear them a little more, before going and buying a new one. My current favorite is the one in the picture. These are from the brand ‘Catwalk’ and I got them from Lifestyle Stores. I prefer to own the slip-on sandals, because who likes spending that extra 2-3 minutes sitting down and buckling the shoes when you are already running late!

Flat Slip-ons Work Wonders for Me Along with an Indian Outfit

And you were wondering why Indian outfits are my absolute go-to for work? Just to summarize – they are comfortable, and you get a lot of options to play with – prints, colors, accessories. Need I say more?

However, I know some of us are always traveling for work outside the country. Also, in the services industry where you have to sit with clients every day, for instance Consulting, it is natural for most of us to opt for Western formals instead. That is what I intend to talk on my next few posts in work-style. So stay tuned.

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  1. This is a wonderful read, especially for someone like me, who is fashion challenged. The use of citrusy colors with sprinkled fruit shaped white work and ethnic razes are amazing.

    Beautifully done and the dark coloured bindi and blood red lipstick with earrings make you define the epitome of Indian beauty. #OfficeWear #Confidence

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