Tuesday, April 18, 2017

When Healthy Breakfast Gets Delicious - Chilled Swiss Oats

Chilled Swiss Oats - Easy No-Cook Recipe
Having come back home after a 5 month long stay in a hotel, my hands were itching to do some random experiment with food. But I hadn’t even gotten time to go shopping to get some grocery yet! So I just had to do with whatever I had in my kitchen.

There was this chilled oats I had once had in one of the breakfast places back in DC, so I thought might as well try to replicate that. Turns out, the Swiss like to serve their oats chilled. Mind you, I had no recipe from Google, or from the coffee shop for that matter, but had a gut feeling about the ingredients from how it tasted. Hence, I was pleasantly surprised, when the taste turned out to be very similar to what I had had. Am I becoming a pro already? :P But then, it is chilled oats, had some dairy, some nuts, some fruits – how different could it really taste!

A little bit about the recipe – it is no-cook, with easy ingredients (like I said, I did not have to go shopping before this), nutritious, and oh-so-tasty. Don’t shirk from this post at the sound of Oats! I know it is not everyone’s favorite. But the chilled version is more like a healthy dessert than actual oats. AND, since it is chilled, and it is sweet, should I call it a perfect summer breakfast yet?

It is my favorite already, and I am planning to make a huge batch for the rest of the week. But before that, couldn’t stop myself from penning it down for the world.

Ingredients for 2 servings

Ingredients - Chilled Swiss Oats

1.      5 table spoon full of regular Quaker Oats
2.    2 table spoon honey – you can add according to your taste. The fruits which I add in the next steps also add some sweetness to the deal
3.      4 table spoon plain yogurt – adds a creamy texture to the oats
4.    1 tea spoon Vanilla Essence (this is the only ingredient which you might have to go out and buy; I usually have one in my kitchen always, since I bake a lot. It also comes in handy to put some in coffee/tea to give it a different flavor – try it out J)
5.     Cut fruits (I feel we can experiment with what fruit to use – I used banana, apple and pear)
6.     Some milk to dilute the mixture
7.     Dry fruits to garnish and for some extra crunch


I feel funny penning the recipe, because it is literally just mixing all the ingredients (yes it is THAT easy), but I will give a shot at it anyway.
1.     First I put the yogurt in a container and beat it to make a smooth consistency.
2.   Added some honey in it – now one could use Sugar-free to reduce the calories, but I prefer to stay away from them. You could also add sugar, if you are out of honey, but honey is just more nutritious compared to sugar, which is simply empty calories. And morning is the best time to put some sugar in the body, to give you some energy, and also burn it by the end of the day, so it is not stored as fat. I’m no expert, but so I have heard.
3.     Then I added the vanilla essence and the cut fruits into the mixture, and mixed it well, such that all of the oats were coated with yogurt.
4.   Alongside, added some milk to make the consistency a little thin. The oats soak up the moisture anyway.
5.      Covered this with a lid and put in the refrigerator for 4 hours
6.     When I took it out, the oats had soaked up a lot of moisture, and I felt as if I should have added a little more milk. But it looked awesome nevertheless!
7.     Finally, served it chill with some crushed almonds for the crunch, and some more cut fruits to garnish it

Serve with Almonds and / or Cut Fruits

Everyone in my home loved it! This is an ideal recipe for all those working men/women as well, who, like me, have crazy mornings, and the last thing they want to do is prepare breakfast. Such times, I mostly end up eating some junk from the office cafeteria, only to feel guilty later. But, that is now a story of the past! This recipe can be stored easily for 3-4 days in the refrigerator, and I am planning to store it in batches, grab one box each morning, and probably have it on my commute! Easy and hassle-free. Isn’t it?

Please check out the latest post on the Girl Boss Series on my blog if you haven’t already! As always, thanks for taking time to go through this post.


  1. This one is deffinetly going to be a must in my breakfast menu....

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