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The Girl Boss Series - Lipsticks Appropriate for Work

Lipsticks Appropriate for Work

I have a confession to make. I love Lipsticks, and I literally hoard them. You know, like people collect stamps, I think I collect lipstick. I feel incomplete when I go to a make-up store and return without a new lipstick. Reds, pinks, nudes, browns, you name it and I have it. I don’t even feel sorry. I think it is a disease. And there is no re-hab. Can I safely say yet that I will continue to contribute to like 50% of make-up (specifically lip-stick) sales in India for the rest of my life?

Anyway, after this slight digression (that is how passionate I get when talking about lipsticks), coming back to our topic of interest today – lipsticks appropriate for work place. I have so much to say about lipsticks, lip care, and my favorite office-wearing colors / brands, that I thought of making a whole post talking just about this. I know we have a community out there, as crazy as me, and with some similar questions as those asked by me when I had just started working.

If you have read my previous blog post already, then you know what I am going to say next – wear a color which doesn’t stand out in the crowd. Something natural and nude, nothing too bright. You don’t want your client to be distracted by your lip color, when you are passionately talking about what your data speaks, right?

Personally, I feel matte colors work best for office. They are sober, and also last the longest time! Save the lip glosses and metallic lip-colors for Saturday night outs. However, matte colors would always tend to leave the lips dry. Hence, it becomes all the more important to take proper care of the lips, to scrub and moisturize them, to not attend that important meeting with unsightly and uneven lips. Let me devote a little bit of real-estate here in explaining how best to do so, before jumping into what are my go-to lip colors and products for office.

Some of My Go-To Lipsticks for Work

Lip Care

Before the incoming of the matte lipstick trend, I did not really have any lip-care routine (that term sounds funny, read pretentious, to me even as I write; I mean a routine just for lips?) I would just keep a lip balm in my pocket and slather some whenever I felt like. But with so many matte colors in my make-up pouch now, this is what I do to keep them supple and smooth.

Usually in the night, just before going to bed, I apply a thick layer of Boroline. If you are a Bengali like me, you probably have some lying around in your house already. But if not, go buy one, it is a miracle product – cheap, available everywhere across India, and works wonders for chapped lips, dry skin, small cuts – the list is practically never-ending.

When I wake up next morning, all the dry skin happens to loosen up, so they can easily be removed with a lip scrub. It is super easy to make a lip scrub at home! I mix some brown sugar (take some extra packs the next time you go to Starbucks) in coconut oil, and store in the refrigerator. And Tada! Some lip balm, and the lips are healthy and revived to hold a matte color for the next 12 hours.

My top 6 Go-to Lipsticks For Work

These are ordered from my least to most favorite ones. Lip colors can look different on different skin tones, so just to give you an idea, I use MAC NC35-37 in face products.

·       Maybelline Color Blur in shade I'm Blushing – This is a very pretty pinkish purplish shade, but the reason why it makes into my top 6 list is because of the formula. It is so smooth and pigmented. And after it has set on the lips for some time, it just doesn’t budge! The shape of the lipstick is also such that it is super easy to line the lips in a rush. This color would look great on all Indian skin-tones. I love this line so much that I ordered one more from the Indian line (Lip-Gradation) – Mauve 1. Waiting to try it as soon as it gets delivered!
Maybelline Color Blur in Shade I'm Blushing - Equivalent to Lip Gradation Pink 1

·      Maybelline Inti-matte Nude in Raw Chocolate – This is a new line by Maybelline, and I don’t think it has launched in India yet. But I like the brownish (with slight tint of orange) color on my lips, on days when I am not bothered putting too much color on my face. It gives the perfect no make-up look, and is most suited for light to medium skin tones.
Maybelline Inti-Matte Nude in Shade Raw Chocolate

·     Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Shade Speed Dial* – Another brown shade with the perfect amount of orange tint to it. I absolutely love this color, and also, once put on lips they just. don’t. budge. It is like a tattoo which comes off only with a remover. Easily survives the meals and copious amounts of coffee I have on a typical work day. However, the formula of these are very drying, and needs a lot of prepping the lips and lot of lip balm under the product. Also, liquids are not as easy and quick to apply as are solid lipsticks. You can imagine how much I love this color, to go for it so frequently despite these downsides.
Colourpop Ultra Matte in Shade Speed Dial

·       Colourpop Lippie Stix in Shade Topanga* – This formula I love. It combines Ultra Matte’s staying power and pigmentation without getting too dry on the lips. The color is perfect again for light to medium skin tones – it is a pinky coral. The color on the product packaging is very deceptive though.
Colourpop Lippe Stix in Shade Topanga

·      Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Shade Bumble* – Same everything as the Speed Dial shade, but this color is to die for!! It is very similar to the Maybelline Touch of Spice, and I will just let the picture do the talking.
Colourpop Ultra Matte in Shade Bumble

·      Faces Ultime Pro in Shade Unwrapped – Before buying this shade, I was totally oblivious to this amazing world of nude shades. Lipsticks meant reds and fuschia pinks to me, and I could not understand, why people would waste money to get a color so similar to the natural color of your lips.
Faces Ultime Pro in Shade Unwrapped

I guess what I am trying to say is, this was the first nude shade I bought, and I fell in love with this color! This shade is similar to Speed Dial, with slightly more of that Orange tint. The formula of these are again to die for – matte and very pigmented! The only drawback of this one is it comes in a crayon packaging, and you always need to keep a sharpener handy. Not a reason big enough to stop me from re-purchasing again and again.

How to get Colourpop in India

I know Colourpop is not easily available in India, and hence not proud of featuring 3 of them in my top 6. But, they have now started shipping internationally with a minimum shipping of $ 50, which is amazing! You could also use ShipOutFromUsa to easily get any product from US shipped to India. Click here for a detailed video by Magali on how to use this feature.

Can you wear a red lipstick to workplace? 

I mean, why not! Red oozes confidence. Unless it is a fiery coral red, one can definitely wear it to office. Especially if you have a dark skin tone, you can pull off blue based reds effortlessly at office settings, without inviting unnecessary eyeballs.

Please let me know in the comments below, which are your favorite shades for office. The lipstick lover in me would not want to miss out on any great product out there!

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