Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Girl Boss Series - Introduction

The Girl Boss Series

The contemporary Woman is born to rule the world, whether it is at home or at work. And we don’t just dream of reigning the world, we work hard to make it happen. Yes, we love to shop, and walk around in high heels, but we can also kick some ass and get work done when times call for it.

I am starting this new 10 part Girl Boss Series on my blog, in which I will share tips and learnings from my experience, for the corporate woman – what to wear to office, which lipstick is too dark for work, how to find time for a workout when you spend 65+ hours a week getting sh!t done.

Don’t know about you, but when I started working in a corporate, I had too many questions, and too little answers. Hence, I am hoping this series is going to be helpful for all the fresh graduates out there who are just beginning their corporate journey; and looking forward to having a two-way conversation with the seasoned corporate-women out there, in order to share hacks and tricks.

Why should you take my advice? Well, I am definitely no expert. But I have worked for 6 long years across investment banking and consulting; long enough to identify the common key problems we face, and develop my own thoughts and solutions around some of those. I am hoping for this series to be more interactive where I can learn from you as well, and we can chat and help each other in the comments section.

Some of the topics I am planning to cover are tips on work-appropriate make-up, wardrobe must-haves, how to make work-wear fun, healthy living, how to deal with period-discomfort on busy days. So please follow and subscribe with your email id if you don’t want to miss out on the future posts, and be on a lookout for a new post every Saturday.


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  2. I think that this is such a lovely series. It looks like you've found a niche here.

    This is great for instilling confidence and strength in young women in whatever industry they find themselves in.

    Lovely stuff!


    1. Thanks Steph! I am definitely looking forward to this series! Thanks for your encouraging words :)


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