Sunday, February 19, 2017

My First Blog - Guest Post by Akhil Mittal

So I finally enter the blog-word (not that someone was waiting for this to happen). Now that I have entered the world (uninvited i must again emphasize), the question is what am I supposed to do here?

So till I find the answer to this sweet little dilemma of mine; though I seriously doubt my above query fits the definition of dilemma but what the heck, this is my first blog and I am entitled to make mistakes (now u see the significance of the title); I present before you one of my old works so as to justify my barging in uninvited.......

Scholar No. 

Let me first explain what is a scholar no. It is no. given to us by the school so as to keep a track of our records throughout the schooling and at the same time look superior (I mean why can't they just use our names).

Coming back to the post, I met with a gruesome tragedy related to my scholar no. I had always thought that my scholar no. was 2367. I was so proud of this no. It is such a beautiful no. 2 -> 3 -> (2*3)=6 -> 7 . I had even used it in my yahoo id (akhilmittal_2367). I was so happy. But then the tragedy occurred.

I went to school to collect my school leaving certificate. They asked me my scholar no. Very proudly, with my face beaming, I told them my magic no. They couldn't find my certificate from this no. I became tensed. Then on referring to the school records, they told me that my actual scholar no. was 2365 ! I was shocked, I was misqouting the no. all during my school life. 2365 is okay but what can beat 2367 ? I was mentally shattered and emotionally hurt.

After this incident, my life changed completely. I am still trying to recover my mental and emotional balance (as must be evident from this lengthy senseless blog as well as from my illogical lamenting of not getting invited to start a blog, I mean its not like some official invitations were passed around and I was left out).

By the way I have stopped using my yahoo id, it brings back old painful memories. Now I have found solace with my birth year 1987 ( 10 -> 9 -> 8 -> 7 ). Not bad. I am hopeful, maybe I can find happiness again....

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