Sunday, January 8, 2017

Welcome to FrooGal Fun!

Back in 2014 in one of my MBA classes, we were being taught about the Network Effect with reference to Digital marketing. It is about connecting over digital media to increase your social circle and connect with like-minded people. Back then it was a lesson to be remembered to clear an examination. Now however, when I watch millions of Youtube Videos and read zillions of blogs in a day, I realize its true implication.

Hello – my name is Soumi and I currently live in Mumbai, India. I am creating this space to share my personal thoughts and experiences, mostly related to travel, lifestyle, and beauty, and to connect through this with like-minded people out there. Being a forgetful person that I am, I have always been good at documenting things the old fashioned pen-paper way which I can reference to later when I need to. Now, I am considering advancing to sharing my archives with the world through this blog. Thanks to the digital technology for making it feasible!

I work as a consultant, and life has been kind to offer me with several opportunities to travel to new places. I am a foodie and a shopaholic (and I am not sorry) J Lately, I have been a lot into DIY as well, and have been transforming a lot of packages and wastes into meaningful crafts. I prefer catching up with my friends over coffee and conversations, rather than over cocktails and loud music. On the weekends, I am most likely to be found in my bed with a cup of Tea, reading a book or watching Netflix. Or shopping online (Duh)!

After all, money cannot buy you happiness; what it CAN but you are the other cheap thrills of life – like a ticket to Hawaii, a spa date to pamper yourself, or that unconventional shade of lipstick! Thank you for stopping by my blog. If you like what you see, please share and drop me a comment. Engaging with like-minded people is what keeps me going!

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