Thursday, February 9, 2017

Spicy Watermelon Margarita - Easy and Unconventional

Who Wouldn't Want to Taste This Spicy Colorful Margarita! 
The other day I was visiting my cousin’s place where she welcomed us with a pretty fascinating chilli raw-mango drink. I got intrigued and thought it might be interesting to re-create some other similar and easy-to-make spicy coolers, since Indians are all about the spice.

When I went shopping to buy the ingredients, I had a completely empty slate, without anything specific in my mind that I wanted to make. I found watermelon, and realized immediately that a spicy Watermelon cooler is what I wanted my first experiment to be! It is easy to find in local stores, healthy and is one of my favorite fruits. Not to mention the pretty red color it could impart to my mocktail. I tried to see if there are any similar drink recipes online but couldn’t find any. While I was skeptical, if spices and watermelon would go together, I nevertheless thought of giving it a try, and boy! Am I not thrilled with the result! J

Ingredients (for 2 servings)

1.       4 Green chillies
2.       Watermelon (1 quadrant of a large watermelon)
3.       Soda or a clear soft drink (Sprite/7Up/Mountain Dew)
4.       Sugar, only if you are using Soda instead of a soft-drink
5.       1 big lemon
6.       Chat Masala (as per taste)
7.       Salt (as per taste)
8.       Mint leaves (I did not use this, but it would totally go with the theme)
The Ingredients


1.       Slit the green chilies into half and soak them in 1 glass Soda for 3-4 hours. If you are using mint leaves, now would be a good time to soak them as well. I did not use it because I was unable to find any, but mint leaves give a subtle and fresh flavor to watermelon based coolers
2.       Separate the seeds out of the Watermelon and crush them in a mixer to make 1 glass of juice
3.       Mix juice of one lemon in the watermelon juice, along with some salt.
4.       To prepare the glass, mix dry Chat Masala and Salt in a wide plate. Wet the rim of the serving glass, invert it and place into the masala mixture. This will help the masala to stick to the rim of the serving glass
5.       Once it is ready, pour in half of the prepared watermelon juice, and half of the chilli-soaked soda
6.       Lastly, add the Chat Masala and sugar (if you used soda instead of soft-drink)
7.       Garnish with a slice of lemon, and some mint-leaves. I also added the slit chilli, in order to prolong the hot after taste of the drink

And voila! You can easily serve this unconventional preparation as a welcome drink for house-parties, to add a little twist. Especially since it is so easy to make in large scale as well. If you want to make the hotness of the drink more subtle, soak the chillies after having removed the seeds. This should ensure subtle hot aftertaste, but not very strong.

I feel, this recipe would also work great if we replace the watermelon juice with Guava Juice, Orange Juice, or even plain lemonade. I cannot wait to try this with other juices and share them as soon as I can!

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