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Travel Packing List - Skincare and Beauty Must Haves for your Vacation

Skincare and Beauty Products that Need to go Into your Travel Bag
If you haven’t already guessed from my previous blog posts, I happen to be traveling a lot these days. Especially the last two years have been sort of travel crazy for me. While I consider myself fortunate to have seen so many new places, let’s face it – packing your world in a suitcase, and then unpacking
is not much fun. Especially if you travel with a ton of stuff and have to repeat this every month.

Over time though, I have learned to pack smart, to carry products which can be used for multiple purposes, and also made a list of my absolute travel essentials. This post will be about the things I think are absolute must-haves – related to hygiene, beauty, and makeup – when you are traveling. I always wished I had something of this sort to refer to while packing, so thought will create one of my own. Hope you find this useful!

Toiletry Essentials When Traveling
TOILETRIES – Well this is something that most hotels provide. However, I have like 2 hairs, and my skin breaks out due to travel-stress every time. So I prefer to carry some of my own toiletries anyways. If you are a bag-packer, and prefer to stay in AirBnB or hostels, you probably don’t have much option but to carry your own.

1.       Toothbrush and Paste – These are no-brainers of course. I am not too specific about toothpaste, and sometimes don’t carry my own. But the small flimsy toothbrushes they give you in hotels, don’t work for me most times. I prefer (and I think everyone should) to carry my toothbrush in a holder. They are cheap, available online everywhere (Amazon), and are much more hygienic.

2.       Shampoo & Conditioner – Like I said, I have 2 hairs. So I don’t risk using hotel products, which are more often than not, not that great in quality. Again, you might want to carry products specific to your hair type. And to expect that hotels can offer you so, is probably expecting too much! I always carry the travel sized bottles, and re-use the bottles even when the products get over. Because let’s face it – travel sizes are EXPENSIVE! No need to buy them again and again when you can re-fill the bottles.

3.       Body Soap – I can do with hand soaps that the hotels have, but not with their body soaps! I like to have nice scented body soaps and gels, and hence carry my own. Soaps are of course easier to carry than shower gels – I am in love with the Dove Bathing Bar – it is not that expensive, easily available, and smells so good!!

4.       Face Wash – Again, a no-brainer. When I am traveling, my skin being so oily, breaks out a lot; hence the Body Shop Tea Tree Facewash is my staple.

5.       Facial Brush – This is an optional item, but I feel when we are traveling, with all the dirt and grime sitting on our face, a face brush gives the perfect amount of exfoliation required at the end of the day, especially if you have oily skin. The one from Natio  is a good one, but is bit expensive. There are several cheaper versions like this available on Amazon as well.

Skincare/Haircare Essentials when Traveling
SKIN/HAIR CARE – I feel like these days there is a different product for every body part possible – eye cream, cuticle oil, hand cream. No wonder it gets so easy to over-pack when on the go. Well guess what, your cuticles will not bleed if you don’t oil them for a week when you are on vacation. And your body moisturizer will work just fine for your hands as well. Here is a list of the things that SHOULD make it to your check-in bag though.

1.       Moisturizer – However dry or humid a place is, moisturizer is a must. More so in humid climates so that your skin is hydrated enough not to produce excess oils. I prefer to carry one with SPF, since then I don’t really need to carry a face sunscreen separately. The Neutrogena Oil Free is a good option. If I am going to a beach though, I usually take along something with a higher SPF and UV protection.

2.       Sun Screen – I anyway carry a separate body sunscreen, mostly water-resistant. The Nivea one is a great option.

3.       Dry Shampoo – I cannot live without a dry shampoo, even when I am at home. Especially since my hair is so oily and flat. You can use it to instantly add some volume to the hair. Comes in more especially hand when on vacation, because ain’t nobody got time to wash the hair every morning, right? The Batiste dry shampoo is all I have ever used. It is affordable and doesn’t leave a white cast on the hair. They even have a travel size version!

4.       Hair Serum – My hair is very frizzy and I cannot do without a serum, if I want to look civil. Loreal Smooth Intense is the one I usually reach out for. It's A 10 Miracle Leave-in Conditioner is another of my favorites – it can manage the unruliest of hair but is on the heavier side and would weigh the hair down. Also, not easily available in India I think L

5.       Roll-on Deodorant – When traveling, I prefer to carry a roll-on deodorant like the Nivea Beauty Roll-on. They are much easier to carry, and would usually be in less than 100 ml bottles. Which means you can take it along if you are planning to travel only with a carry-on. Saves so much space and time. Yay!

6.       Lip-balm – Another no-brainer? I keep one lip balm in each of my bags, and a Boroline for overnight application. You can never have too many lip-balms!

7.       Night cream – I am a firm believer of the fact that your skin needs the most nourishment when you are asleep, because that is when it regenerates fastest. Vacations can leave you tired and sleep deprived, but at least there is night cream to keep your skin at its best! You can use one that is suitable for your skin issues. I have been using the Kaya Skin Recovery currently, and absolutely loving it! It isn’t too heavy to leave your skin oily, but keeps it well-hydrated nevertheless.

8.       Tea-tree – This is probably an optional item, but I usually have one with me in case my skin mis-behaves. It makes my pimples shrink overnight, and is really good to take away the redness. Even if you cannot make it go away totally, atleast it will help you get to a position where you can conceal it effortlessly. I am using the Aroma Magic one currently.

9.       Aloe Vera Gel – Again another optional product. I keep it handy because Aloe Vera Gel can serve so many purposes – to soothe your skin from sun burns, moisturize, give shine to your hair….the list is endless really.

1.   Perfume / Body Mist – Who doesn’t want to smell good when you are trying to sneak in a dinner date after that full day of city tour? I am loving this Carolina Herrera one right now. Its packaging is very robust. Has a magnetic cap, ensuring it will not accidentally open up in your bag and go Pooof! Yes, that has happened with me L The other option is to save those free sample size perfume roll-ons for times when you are traveling – come in real handy!

1.   Razor – Not sure if it fits in this category, but a razor is a must have. You never know when you would feel like wearing those pair of shorts, or spot that patch you missed shaving earlier. I have never used anything other than the Gilette Venus Razor in my entire life.

Make-up Essentials when traveling
MAKE-UP – This is where I like to keep it really minimalistic and take as many multi-tasking products as possible. When on vacation, the least I care about is spending hours putting make-up, but I still don’t want to look like a hot mess in the photos. So I prioritize, and more often than not, lipsticks win by a huge margin :P Jokes apart, below are the only products I carry to my vacation destinations.

1.       Primer – I usually carry a travel size primer, since I don’t want all the touring around to leave my make-up blotched and patchy by the end of the day. The Benefit Porefessional is my go-to primer because it erases those pores like magic. And I have a lot of pores around my cheeks. If however, you have nice smooth skin anyway, you could go for a cheaper primer, like the Nivea After Shave Balm. This would be a good place to read my thoughts on this product here :) It doesn’t come in a travel friendly packaging, so you might want to transfer it in a travel size container.

2.       Concealer – At times on vacations, I just go out of the room after having used some concealer and lipstick. I guess that speaks a lot about how important I think a concealer is. May be not so much for someone with an even tones skin, but I have quite a few blemishes on my face, and feel more confident in pictures if I have covered them. The Maybelline Age Rewind doesn’t only give a very natural coverage, but is also super-easy to use. Don’t think it is available in India yet though L I wish they launch it soon soon because it is such a hit product otherwise.

3.       BB Cream – Since Foundations can be too heavy when you are traveling, a BB Cream with good coverage is the way to go. I have heard real good things about the LA Girl HD Pro but am yet to try it for myself.

4.       Blush – Always nice to have some color on your cheeks! There are so many blushes in the market; I have no favorites here, but definitely prefer something a little natural and not too bright. The NYX HD Blush in shade Beach Babe is the one I am carrying right now, because it also acts as an excellent eye shadow, if you do happen to need some.

5.       Bronzer (Optional) – I think this is a totally optional product; just some blush should suffice for travel days. But if you do want to get one to warm up the skin, the Loreal Glambronze is my absolute favorite.

6.       Kajal & Eyeliner – I would usually carry either the Lakme Absolute one or the Plum Natur Studio one to use as both Kajal and Eyeliner.

7.       Mascara – A little bit of Mascara just transforms the eye game, and these days I am unable to go out anywhere without putting some Mascara on my eyes. My top pick - Maybelline Lash Sensational. But there are so many other equally good ones in the market.

8.       Brow – I just carry some brow gel for traveling, since I don’t want to over-do my brows, and frankly, I don’t have the need to do my eye-brows on a regular basis. My favorite - Essence Make Me Brow. I am so glad they launched in India! Essence has some very nice and cheap products I am obsessed with. 
9.       Lipstick – This is where I absolutely define no rules! You can never have too many lipsticks. But if you HAVE to be minimalistic, you can carry one nude shade and one bright. I am never able to pick any ONE. So I carry a separate bag just for lipsticks :P Just kidding, but I usually carry 5-6, just to keep some options.

10.       Make-up Remover – Well, the last and THE most important item of the list! It is a crime to sleep with your make-up on, and I cannot emphasize that enough. To read about how I prefer to make my easy-to-carry remover wipes, please read my blog post here.

Phew! That was a long list. Can you already tell that I travel light? :D I just wanted to make this list a comprehensive one, but if you have any other items which are YOUR must-haves, please let me know in the comments below. I would love to know, and add to my list!


  1. There is nothing that i can't luv every product is so handy & must for travel also everyday use thing.....

    1. Yes, each product is a must have even if not traveling! :)

  2. Super stuff, Soumi! Travelling tomorrow and using this as a check list. Looking forward to the new series!

  3. Maneeza, You finally got to read yay! :D


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